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Mayweather Goods is an ongoing relationship with creativity and an exploration of how we as people interact with objects around us and form an inward bond with our external presence. That’s the mission statement here: keep exploring, continue creating.

I’m Denae, and a bit of a craft addict. I will try any craft or creative process if the opportunity arises, and fortunately there have been many opportunities. Metalsmithing has been a whole other level of challenge and satisfaction and I am continually grateful for the classes at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago that introduced me to the art. Mayweather Goods is a way for getting my hands on tools, trying new metal fabrication techniques, and seeing real objects arise from my efforts.



I create from my home studio in Chicago, and I am committed to being genuinely involved in every piece that is sold. Many metalsmithing techniques that I use were developed centuries ago, and I feel that hand fabrication is one of the most exciting ways to create. Since I first picked up a torch and hammer, I have committed to a careful dedication to quality and all of my finished pieces are ones that I would (and do) wear every day. I’m continually learning new processes as I create and I am excited for the future collections I will present to you as I grow as a maker.


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